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3 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know!

Myth number 1. Strength training will make you muscular and courageous.

Unsurprisingly, this is the most popular myth among ladies. Regular strength training will not make you muscular. Why? The explanation is simple. Women cannot synthesize enough testosterone (one of the main anabolic hormones) naturally like men. Because of this, it is impossible for women to gain significant muscle mass simply by lifting heavy objects.

A set of exercises for stretching and keeping the legs in good shape

For those who want to have a good figure, we have prepared a set of exercises for stretching the legs. Surely you did not know that in order to perform exercises for training legs, you do not need to have special simulators, an ordinary apartment with a door and floor will do.

Common causes of excess weight

The World Health Organization gives disappointing statistics - almost 40% of the world's population are overweight, and almost a quarter are obese. It is not difficult to imagine the damage to health, both physical and psychological, is caused by being overweight. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system often develop rapidly and threaten the life of an overweight person. Now there are many methods of losing weight..

How Protein Promotes Muscle Growth

Bodybuilders are known for consuming protein powders in high doses. Athletes know that the body builds muscle from protein. Athletes have no doubt that a high intake of protein will lead to rapid muscle growth. However, it doesn't quite work as it seems, and muscle growth doesn't require as much protein.

Top 8 best home workouts

Interesting exercises of your choice. Here are a few suggestions that can safely be called the "first league of home exercise." They require a minimum amount of equipment, and you will make any of them, both in the initial and in the advanced versions of yourself.

How does stress interfere with weight loss?

Everyone has heard that stress is not only the cause of weight gain, but also a powerful factor that prevents it from being reduced. But someone does not believe in this, and someone does not understand why this is happening.