Training course in dietetics

Volumetric. Fundamental. Scientifically. Difficult in some places, but exciting. Learn that it changes the way you see familiar things.

About the course

This educational program was created based on the latest scientific data and covers both fundamental and applied parts.

The program is tailored for beginners and those continuing their education in the field of nutrition. The learning process is structured in such a way that it facilitates the perception of a large amount of information, which is why it is provided in the form of a lecture, presentation and animation, as well as in the form of teaching material.

Why are Diet courses better than other courses?

For those who want to undergo dietetics training, there are now a wealth of opportunities, from self-study through free and paid resources on the Internet, to diet courses and distance learning. But the main problem is the following: with such a large choice, it is difficult to decide and decide which courses are ideal for your particular case, what advantages or disadvantages this or that type of training has.

At the Faculty of Dietetics, Dietology, work is being done to improve training courses in dietetics. At the same time, we try to take into account all the wishes of the students, introduce new teaching technologies and include in the program the latest relevant information from reliable scientific sources in the field of dietetics. In addition, since all our teachers are practicing nutritionists, during the courses you can acquire not only theoretical knowledge and practical experience in menu design, but also valuable advice, work experience and management of various patients with different objectives, initial parameters, nutritional preferences and etc.

How to learn dietetics

A variety of students come to our dietology courses, with different goals, different habits, different views on nutrition. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to understand the organization of nutrition, the rules of proper nutrition and learn to apply them in practice.

If you think about it, it may seem that all of this can be done on your own - no dietology courses are needed, as there is a lot of information on this topic on the internet. Also, recently there has been a big increase in the number of specialists who not only provide nutritional services or teach courses in dietetics, but also organize free webinars where they share their knowledge. Unfortunately, in most cases this knowledge is superficial, based, again, on information that can be obtained from open sources on the Internet or from personal experience. And the saddest thing is that, having gained a large audience of listeners, these specialists spread myths and misconceptions, on the basis of which people try to adjust their own nutrition and often cause damage to their body.

What are you going to get

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