Why do you need white pages?

When a moderator views an advertising campaign, they see a white page - this is what a white page is. Whites (this is what white pages are called in affiliate circles) are necessary for the correct completion of moderation when advertising on forbidden topics on any advertising platform. When a specialist wants to promote products that are prohibited by Facebook regulations, they must use the content replacement system, which is called cloaking. During the process of cloaking, the moderator always encounters a white page. The white page allows them to understand whether to reject or accept an advertising campaign.

We create our white pages according to the order: individually for your offer and theme, taking into account all your wishes.

Our white pages comply with all the rules of popular sources - Facebook / Google / TikTok.

White Page Options We Offer:

  • Landing page — $25
  • Multi-page (3-5 categories / 10-20 articles) - $50
  • White pages are offerred in the following formats: HTML, PHP, WordPress

Examples of our white pages:

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