APITT can help transmitting data about leads to TT for these scenarios: CC submit/Trial/Crypto/Sweepstakes/Gambling, as well as offers where all data is stored on the advertiser's side.

Our APITT module allows you to send conversions directly to TikTok without the need to integrate a JS pixel on the landing page. By transmitting personal information about the lead alongside the TikTok Click ID, APITT can help optimize your ads better than usual. This module installs alongside the tracker and works via S2S Postbacks, making it easy to set up and use.

The price of the module is $200. This payment is one-time only, you'll be provided with a lifetime license, with support and updates. It also includes Installation on the server, configuring a new traffic source, creating a test campaign with the new setup, and (optionally) adding a script to a local offer to collect leads' email addresses and phone numbers.

What data does APITT accept?

  • Phone No. (If present)
  • Email (If present)
  • IP
  • User agent
  • Payout amount in USD
  • TT ClickID
  • External ID (SubID, ClickID)
  • Conversion Time (Unix Timestamp)
  • Custom Event Name (If needed)
  • Event URL (Can be defined differently, not the actual URL)

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